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  • Planetrox 2014 – Semi-Finalists Announcement

    Monday April 14th 2014

    Since February, alternative bands from China, Japan, Mexico, the Czech Republic and five different regions of Quebec have been making themselves heard in hopes of performing at the Envol et Macadam Festival in September. While listening to all of these talented bands, choosing the semi-finalists was not an easy task! Now we are giving you the opportunity to listen to our musical discoveries from the first five countries in which Planetrox auditions were held. It is now your turn to vote for your…

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  • Envol et Macadam supported by the City of Quebec

    Thursday April 3rd 2014

    We received this message from Mr. Régis Labeaume, Mayor of Quebec City: “The Envol et Macadam Festival, the Planetrox auditions, SXSW, and the Party Clandestin for     Quebec’s National Holiday provide our local talents with many occasions for professional growth. They also allow the city of Quebec to manifest its commitment toward up-and-coming artists and toward culture and music.”                      …

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  • Envol et Macadam under the Texas sun for SXSW

    Monday February 24th 2014

    Quebec, February 24th 2014– The Texas sun will shine for Envol et Macadam this March. For a fourth year in a row, the Quebecois event will participate in the prestigious South by Southwest festival and present performances by Alaclair Ensemble and Alden Penner. This is an exceptional international showcase for these Quebecois musicians, as well as for the Envol et Macadam organization. South by Southwest (SXSW) is a major event for artists and creators from around the globe. It is a place…

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  • Monday April 14th 2014 12:08

    !!CONCOURS POUR TOI LE MÉLOMANE!! Envol et Macadam t'offre 2 passeports 3 jours pour le Pouzza FEST! PARTAGEZ...

    - @envoletmacadam
  • Thursday April 3rd 2014 17:17

    Bands du Québec, du Mexique, de la République Tchèque, du Japon et de la Chine, la période d'inscriptions pour...

    - @envoletmacadam
  • Thursday April 3rd 2014 12:17

    On a reçu un beau message du Maire de Québec! Bands PlanetRox, vous êtes la relève artistique - faites-vous...

    - @envoletmacadam