Grand Morne

Grand Morne


Country: Canada (Quebec)

Admission: 6$ at the door only or free with the 3 days pass

Grand Morne is a Quebec City based power-trio with a simple yet effective structure: one drum, one bass, one guitar, interspersed with driving soundscapes. After four years together under a different moniker and many shows under their belt, the Grand Morne boys opted for a new set-up and a new name. Their on-the-rocks sound, scattered with Sabbathian inflections and Voivoidian twangs reunite heaps of influences in one unique sound. No vocals for now although a change might come along sometime down the road. Grand Morne define themselves as instrumental-stoner-heavy, with just the right touch of progressive. After a first album recorded in January 2012 with producer Benoit Villeneuve (Shampouing),  Grand Morne is working on new material to be released in 2013.    

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