Saint Loco

Saint Loco

Saturday September 7th 2013

15:00 - Īlot Fleurie Stage


Country: Indonesia

Admission: For the night 33$ at Exo and 36.50$ online. 3 days pass 40$ at Exo and 43.50$ online. Shows in bars are 6$ at the door only and free with the 3 days pass

Saint Loco is now one of the biggest rock band in the Indonesian music industry and achieved a lot. They formed this rock band in September 2002 with 5 members and the members of Saint loco have already accomplished big things in their area. Why did these members with already big achievements decided to be formed in a band? Its because Saint Loco has a vision to arise the spirit of the generation today whit full confident whit their own concept of hiprock music. After a lot of practicing together and playing covered songs with their owntouch such as "Jump" by House of Pain, they decided to make a demo and send it to Sony BMG Music Entertainment Indonesia. Since May 7th 2004 Saint Loco was announced officially under the label of Sony BMG Music Entertainment Indonesia. Saint Loco worked on their first album “ Rock upon a time” and finished the album in 2004. The album was a big success whit hits like “Microphone Anthem”, “Freedom Fighter”. “Hip Rock” it sold more then 15.000 copies within 2 months in Indonesia. The album consists of 12 tracks with 80% of the songs were delivered inEnglish, full of distortion nois and heavy drums in combination with turntableart that brings a unique color of the band. The reason why most of the songs are delivered in English is due to Saint Loco's aim, to be the first Indonesian (or perhaps Asian) to reach the International Market. And hit the charge for a couple of months in many Indonesian Radio stations whit their hit single “Hip Rock”. * second album release: Vision For Transition 6 October 2006. 

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