Saturday September 7th 2013

13:50 - Īlot Fleurie Stage


Country: Czech Republic

Admission: For the night 33$ at Exo and 36.50$ online. 3 days pass 40$ at Exo and 43.50$ online. Shows in bars are 6$ at the door only and free with the 3 days pass

The Prague hardcore/punk rock band Skywalker was founded in 2010 as an heir to a pop punk formation Hustler State. The need to push the style further and come up with something more personal gave birth to band rare as far as musical genre is concerned, in the Czech Republic - a band that combines heavy hardcore and metalcore parts with classic pop punk and punk rock of the 1990's. The five boys from Prague start practicing during the summer season of 2010 and in the fall, the first EP "Hic Sunt Leones" is released. The reaction is inconsistent, mainly because of an absolutely unusual sound for a group of people known to have been "pop musicians". Live shows are accepted way more positively, and the band continues to tour the Czech Republic lively, and even visits Slovakia for the first time, up until the fall of 2011 when the second EP "Arkham" is released. The "Justice League Tour" comes with the second EP and the band tours the CZ and SK even more thoroughly. The second EP is accepted very positively, and thanks to the band’s live show, Skywalker are considered the leading band of the scene by many. 

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