Unknown Colour

Unknown Colour

Friday September 6th 2013

23:15 - Le Dagobert


Country: Canada (Quebec)

Admission: 6$ at the door only or free with the 3 days pass

After having spent almost two years writing and recording, Unknown Colour, the three-man band from Quebec City, is now proud to present its first album, Barely See the Sun. A complex, keyboard-based album drawing on both pop and electronic musical influences, Barely See the Sun is the product of a completely independent creative process: it was recorded and mixed in the band’s own studio. Unknown Colour offers a unique sound, at once sweet, catchy and infectious, that has often been compared to the best of 1980s music. What’s more, Unknown Colour live is simply a must-see, as the band always offers energetic and joyous performances. Barely See the Sun is available on iTunes as well as in every Archambault store in Quebec City, and can also be downloaded free of charge at www.bandcamp.com. Give it a try today! There has to be a colour you don’t know yet!

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