No Use for a Name

No Use for a Name

Saturday September 8th 2012

20:00 - Exo Stage


Country: United States

NO USE FOR A NAME are a four-piece punk rock band from San Jose, CA, and have been the torchbearers of the skate-punk scene since Tony Sly and Rory Koff started the band in 1987. They had completed two full lengths, Incognito and Don’t Miss the Train by the time we got wise to their brilliance and snatched them up in 1993. Their first Fat release, The Daily Grind, was so well received that they got right back in the studio to record their Leche Con Carne full length. It’s a good thing they did because Leche Con Carne was hugely successful and the video for “Soulmate” was added to heavy rotation on MTV, which was a first for us at Fat. And a last too, ha!

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