Saturday October 1st 2011

15:05 - MusiquePlus Stage


Country: Indonesia

Admission: 3-days pass 40$ + service charge ; 32$ pre sale plus service charge / 40$ at the doors ;

Cupumanik. Born in a city once called as Parijs Van Java or Flower City. The city once had fresh air, blossom flower, green garden and everything people ever dream of in a beautiful simple life. Now? Please come and see for your self. Bandung, however, always maintain a very well music scene that beautified the art of Indonesia. For that and so many untold reasons we love Bandung as always. .. Cupumanik found by Che, Dony, Iyak, SQ and Rama in 1996. The solidity friendship through Bandung’s indie scene made it gather the first masterpiece, produced under POPS / AQUARIUS - Jakarta, first album called CUPUMANIK (self titled) launched in April 2005. First single MAHA RENCANA introduced to public and media, proud to declare the not-so-often theme and soul to Indonesian music industry that made it different than any other bands. The album consist 10 songs, has pick BUKAN SAAT INI as their second single which now you can hear and watch (the video) all over our nation. .. LOVE, LIVE and EMPHATY, things featured to represents the attitude. Love stands for the action that’s always above love. Live stands for live performance that made them live. Emphaty stands for the share to feel with others. As simple as those three words, Cupumanik is one to love, live with empathy. The whole natural open mind of this band cause the good distinctive feature between others. Emphasizing human expressions drawed by music and lyrics. Emphaty of life softly sound in their songs. We call it Emphaty Rock. .. The music of Emphaty Rock contain less cheerful anthems, fueled by significant minor guitar chord. The unussual and intricate arrangements build it so unpredictable, yet so harmonious. Melancholy rock music that describes it almost as it was Tool or even Perfect Circle. Through it influenced by many 90’s rock band settled in Seatle... Grown and known well in Bandung and Jakarta’s indie scene, people asking too much about it. As always been said, “We don’t give a damn about indie or major thing, we just want to play our music and we play it loud!”. Cupumanik is now preparing their second album scheduled in 2007, so this is all just the beginning of the travel. Salam Maha Rencana !!

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