• Envol et Macadam Documentary: 20 Years of Support to Emerging Bands

    Thursday May 28th 2015

    Quebec City, Thursday, May 28th, 2015.The Envol et Macadam organisation is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and today, they are releasing a documentary that highlights their mission, which is to support up-and-coming bands by shining the spotlight on both local and international emerging acts. Whether it’s through the Envol et Macadam Festival, the PLANETROX project, the Party Envol et Macadam de la St-Jean or through their international springboards, the organisation has been creating unique opportunities for artists from the alternative scene to be heard since its inception.

    The documentary features interviews with groups that have participated in the festival, commentary from the festival’s director and excerpts of various different concerts held at the festival. In doing so, it transmits both the energy and creativity that distinguishes all of Envol et Macadam’s signature events. The organization’s different initiatives as well as their positive impacts on local and international artists are thus put to the forefront in this video, which is both visually dynamic and modern. 


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    Envol et Macadam is:

    -20 years of support to emerging bands

    -over 8000 musicians that have performed in 15 different countries

    -over 2000 groups presented

    -over $25,000,000 in economic benefits to the Quebec City region

    Since its beginnings in the Limoilou neighbourhood in 1996, Envol et Macadam’s objective has been to present bands from the alternative scene to Quebec City audiences, allowing for emerging bands to be discovered while bringing recognition to Quebec culture on the international scene through different initiatives.


    The Envol et Macadam Festival

    The festival is renowned among music lovers for its line-up that features the newest trends in music, as well as for its unique urban setting. The festival was first presented in Limoilou, but moved its stages to l’Îlot Fleurie in the Nouvo St-Roch neighbourhood in 2008. Each September, over 20,000 spectators converge in Quebec City’s downtown for three days of music featuring the best bands from the local and international alternative scenes.

    The PLANETROX Auditions

    The PLANETROX project is a collaboration between Envol et Macadam and la Ville de Québec. It is an international competition and its mission is to discover the best international emerging bands and to then present them to the Envol et Macadam festival audience. Since 2011, musicians from 15 different countries have thus been given the chance to perform in Quebec City. It is also an incredible opportunity for artists from Quebec City to gain recognition on an international scale.

    The Party Envol et Macadam de la St-Jean

    This is a unique party held in the heart of Quebec City that offers distinct musical options for music lovers that want to celebrate Quebec’s national holiday to the sound of alternative music. The Party Envol et Macadam de la St-Jean features different musical genres in an effort to bring people together for an alternative celebration of Quebec. It is a unique event where every effort is made for a maximum of fun to be had, and for the party to continue into the wee hours of the morning!

    SXSW and the international springboards

    To help local artists gain international performing experience and to create opportunities for exchanges that will put Quebec City on the map; those are Envol et Macadam’s objectives. By assuring the presence of emerging bands at the prestigious South by Southwest festival and by producing concerts in other countries, Envol et Macadam fully supports the development of local Quebec City artists.

    The Envol et Macadam festival line-up will be partially revealed on June 8th, when details regarding the pre-sale of tickets and passes will also be announced.

    Envol et Macadam would like to thank their precious collaborators: la Ville de Québec, le Gouvernement du Québec, Catherine Breton (Productions Far Est), Elias Djemil (director), Larry Rochefort (director of photography) and all those who have been involved in the Envol et Macadam organization throughout the past 20 years.




    Source: Envol et Macadam