• Planetrox 2014 Semi-Finalists Announcement

    Monday April 14th 2014

    Since February, alternative bands from China, Japan, Mexico, the Czech Republic and five different regions of Quebec have been making themselves heard in hopes of performing at the Envol et Macadam Festival in September. While listening to all of these talented bands, choosing the semi-finalists was not an easy task!

    Now we are giving you the opportunity to listen to our musical discoveries from the first five countries in which Planetrox auditions were held. It is now your turn to vote for your favourite bands, and you can do so from April 15th to 30th on


    10 semi-finalists from Planetrox China:

    Turning Apples                             David Boring

    Your Epic Hocus                           Hydro

    Les Gromechkos                          Wondergarl

    Bamboo Star                                Black Widow

    Mr. Rocket Head                           Intellectual Morons


    10 Semi-Finalists from Planetrox Japan:

    ZOKUON NI JYUSO                       アトリエディ (Atelieddy)

    Wire Stripper                               Spacetime and Stream

    モノクロウム                                   PeopleJam

    Hollywood Lipps                           JASKY(ジャスキー)

    SHIFT                                         KNOTFREE


    10 Semi-Finalists from Planetrox Mexico:

    Yukòn                                               Arcadia Libre

    Blownder                                          Manikie

    Motora                                              Silent Lune

    Tungas                                             Sputnik

    De Uno En Uno                                 Goodbye Sailor


    Semi-Finalists from Quebec:

    Herskin (Victoriaville)                                                S.P.M. (Victoriaville)

    Bladies (Victoriaville)                                                Hourglass (Victoriaville)

    Dilem (Saguenay)                                                    CHARGEZ! (Saguenay)

    Goodbye Sparta (Saguenay)                                     Dancing Dead (Saguenay)

    Awake in the noise (Rimouski)                                  Skull & Tones Boogie (Rimouski)

    DEKORUM (Rimouski)

    Blue Daven’s Code (Quebec City)                         Eadsé (Quebec City)

    Warning Sign (Quebec City)                                 Contrast Pleasure (Quebec City)

    Shatters (Quebec City)                                         Retreat (Quebec City)

    Meet the Mailman (Quebec City)                            DLC (Quebec City)

    Jack’s Slaughtering (Quebec City)                         The Robert’s Creek Saloon (Quebec City)

    ANXI (Montreal)                                                   Code 40-11 (Montreal)

    The Superstitions (Montreal)                                 Immortal Meridiem (Montreal)

    Boris Casablanca (Montreal)                                 Different Days (Montreal)

    CTC – Considering the circonstances (Montreal)


    10 Semi-Finalists from Planetrox Czech Republic :

    BOY                                                    The Fall of Ghostface

    Zatrest                                                SIGHTS

    Tichonov                                             All These Memories

    Shiro Ame                                           From Our Hands

    Artificial Life                                        Shadow area


    We would like to thank all of the bands that signed up for Planetrox 2014, and it is with immense pleasure that we congratulate our first round of semi-finalists.