• Permanent team

    Simon GAUDRY, Director & booking


    Virginie OUELLET, Project manager

    François O. VALENTI, Press Relations

    Chris B. Planetrox China

    Rachael WILLIAMS Planetrox UK

    Muhammad Panji Prayoga, Planetrox Indonesia

    Takeshi OHYASHIKI, Planetrox Japan

    Stanislav HOLIS, Planetrox Czech

    Alan DIAZ, Planetrox Mexico

    Johannes SCHANZER, Planetrox Germany

    Reverbnation, Planetrox USA

    Bureau Export, Planetrox France 

    Board of directors

    Denys RICHARD, President

    Maude BERNARD, Vice-President

    Brian CAYOUETTE, Treasurer

    Julie VALLIÈRE, Secretary

    René BOUCHARD, Administrator


    Honorary Members

    Honarable mention for their dedication to the organization and their volunteer

    Catherine GARNEAU
    Nathaly MARCOUX
    Jacques LABRECQUE
    As well as all the employees who have been with us for many years.