Of Mice And Men

Of Mice And Men


Pays d'origine: États-Unis

Admission: 6$ à la porte - Gratuit pour les détenteurs du passeport 3 jours

Of Mice & Men is a metalcore/post-hardcore band from Costa Mesa, California, United States formed in 2009 by Austin Carlile and Jaxin Hall. Their current line-up consists of Austin Carlile (ex. Attack Attack!), Shayley Bourget (ex. Covette), Phil Manansala, Valentino Arteaga (ex. Lower Definition) and Alan Ashby. After recording "Someday Came Suddenly" and touring some with Attack Attack! Austin was kicked out of the band. After that, Austin decided to start something new on his own. He asked one of his best friends Jaxin Hall from New Zealand, to be his partner in crime and apart of whatever he did next. The two, got their friends in Though She Wrote and Miss May I, to help them write and record the song "Seven Thousand Miles for What?" they had been working on. The next day they posted it and made a myspace. Five days later the inevitable happened. They joined up with the two people that had stood by them since day one. Rise and Artery were always considered family, and after hearing the song, they accepted us into theirs. Solidifying the line up with Valentino Arteaga from Lower Definition on drums, Shayley Bourget from Chapters and Covette on guitar and vocals, and Phil Manansala from A Static Lullaby on guitar, Of Mice & Men have already recorded their debut album set to be released March 9, 2010 and have hit the road nonstop! On April 5, 2010, Of Mice & Men announced on their myspace that Austin Carlile was no longer in the band due to an inability to tour because of heart surgery. He was replaced with former Sky Eats Airplane vocalist Jerry Roush. After completing all of Bamboozle Festival 2010, Of Mice & Men took part in the 2010 Vans Warped Tour and will again in the summer of 2011. Currently, Jerry Roush was stranded by the band, and Austin was brought back in because Austin wanted to be back in the band he created. Also, his heart condition got better, and he remained close with the other band members. Of Mice & Men is currently recording their new album, "The Flood". A single from the new album, "Still YDG'N" was released May 13th. Source : http://artists.letssingit.com/of-mice-and-men-x3v5k/biography

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