Poisonous Remedy

Poisonous Remedy

Samedi 8 septembre 2012

16h55 - Scène Première Ovation


Pays d'origine: Malaisie

Admission: Vendredi : 6$ a la porte ou gratuit pour les détenteurs du passeport 3 jours / Samedi : 31.50$ (prévente) - 35$ (porte) pour samedi à l'Îlot Fleurie - Passeport

Poisonous Remedy was formed early 2011 by two founding members of the band namely AYAM (bass and backing vocals) and DIN (drums). The idea of forming this band came across after AYAM and DIN’s former band which was called 6th in Line was disbanded. In searching for the lead vocalist of the band, DIN suggested a friend of him (RURU) to AYAM to become the front man of the band. Realizing the band was still in search of guitarists, RURU recommended KICAP, who happens to be his office mate to AYAM and DIN. After spending a couple of months jamming and writing songs, the line-up of the band was finally completed when SANI (a friend of KICAP) joined the band as a guitarist and keyboardist. This 5-piece band consists of passionate and ambitious music enthusiasts who come from various backgrounds and musical influences which very much contribute or influence the music style of Poisonous Remedy.

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