Vendredi 7 septembre 2012

18h00 - Scène Première Ovation


Pays d'origine: Canada

Admission: 15$ (prévente) - 20$ (porte) pour le vendredi à l'Îlot Fleurie - Passeport

After one year since the formation of the band, PORTLAND! begins 2012 with a lot of projects in mind, and one of them, was the recording of their debut EP. Even with tight schedules, they managed to do most of the things themselves, so the title of the EP (Self-Titled) would make a lot of sense and more likely, be a better representation of whom they really are. That's why every single song on the CD were produced by the band, recorded by their guitarist (Soufiane), mixed and mastered by Patrick Donovan at Studio Productions 360 (except the acoustic song witch was recorded, mixed and mastered by Soufiane), the cover art is a result of hours of research for the perfect picture, and a lot of email and phone calls to get the rights to use them. After all the hard work, they are really proud to present to you their Self-Titled EP.

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