Sky For Sinners

Sky For Sinners

Jeudi 6 septembre 2012

19h00 - Le Dagobert


Pays d'origine: Canada

Admission: 10$ pour le jeudi au Cercle

Formed in 2009, Sky For Sinners is a Metalcore band from Quebec city (Québec, Canada) which has been founded by Gael Leskop (guitar), David Holysin (guitar) and Pat Marky (drum) when they decided to put an end to their Punk/Metal (Ludovico Treatment) first project to start composing new songs, but more Metalcore. For this project, they had to find a good singer and a bassist to complete the band. After some research, a singer interested the group, but unfortunately, he was impossible to contact. It’s finally through Facebook, and by pure coincidence, that Paskal Killaway has contacted Gael. He was immediately interested in the project and he quickly became a member of the band. At this point, Pat Marky contacted his friend Phil Tanguay and offered him the bassist spot to complete the group. The band has then recorded an EP called Cirkus which was published in 2010 in only 100 copies. Later, on July 31, 2010, with a playlist of 8 songs, they performed in front of 200 fans in St-Raymond, Quebec. Afterwards, the formation decided to focus on the recording of an album. Unfortunately, the work in studio, which lasted more than 9 months, got the better of 2 of the members. Phil Tanguay decided to leave the group for personal reasons, and it’s a relative of the band, Joe Landry, who took his place. Joe learned all the songs quickly while revealing to everyone all his skills in studio. Later, for divergent professional opinions, the band decided to end its collaboration with Pat Marky. However, his studio working being completed, his drum tracks would still be used on the album Haeresy. It took several months to replace him, but the efforts finally paid off and Mike Bélanger took the spot. Sadly, he decided to leave the band after couple months, for personal reasons. The chance was given to Simon Nadeau to take the place, as he met Joe at the good moment. He is an excellent drummer and Sky For Sinners have now everything to start his career... Source :

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