We Love Danger

We Love Danger

Samedi 8 septembre 2012

16h15 - Scène Exo


Pays d'origine: Canada

Admission: 31.50$ (prévente) - 35$ (porte) pour samedi à l'Îlot Fleurie - Passeport

From the old and cold Quebec City, comes We Love Danger. A band with the will to bring back the spirit this city once had... In a time where kids feed themselves with all sort of bullshit through TV and radio, WLD! keeps forging an edgy kind of punk rock without trying to be the next big thing. Having played in numerous bands before, they know a lot about what it takes to bring the fun even in far-off lands. Having already shared the stage with Bad Religion, Propagandhi, Alexisonfire, Useless I.D., 88 fingers Louie and more ; their main goal is to bring a smile to the lips of the younger ones and a tear to the old dudes that remember what was the punk rock scene not so long ago.

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