A Perfect Murder

A Perfect Murder


Pays d'origine: Canada (Québec)

Admission: 6$ à la porte seulement ou gratuit avec le passeport 3 jours

Emerging in 2000, the heavy-hitting sounds of Montreal's A Perfect Murder stem from a combination of classic heavy metal, thrash, and early hardcore punk influences blended into a brutal mixture of Crowbar-like breakdowns, harsh vocals, dense rhythms, and searing guitar leads and solos. A year after forming, the group began making a name for itself with the release of the EP Blood covered words. Their first full-length, Cease to Suffer, appeared in 2003 on Ontario-based Goodfellow Records and proved to be a much more focused effort from a band still honing its craft. Supporting the release, A Perfect Murder jumped on the road with Premonitions fo War and Bury Your Dead before inking a deal with Chicago's Victory Records. In 2004, A Perfect Murder and Victory paired up to release the vicious album, Unbroken, and set out on a mission to tear North America to pieces. Their brief absence after some lineup changes was just the calm before the storm. In 2005, A Perfect Murder returned with Nashville native Kevin Randel on vocals to unleash the furious follow-ups, Strength Through Vengeance and War Of Aggression. Mix the groove of Pantera and Crowbar, the classic thrash power of Metallica, Anthrax and Testament and just a hint of Southern charm and you get the blueprint for brutal, classic heavy metal for the modern day. Now rejoined by the original line up they returned to the purity of their original sound to pursue their domination. DEMONIZE is the new album by these crazy canadians. Expect it to be aggressive, darker and mature. Add some hints of Slayer and Sepultura to the mix and you got the new soundtrack for absolute chaos. So where will you be when the demons awake? A Perfect Murder has marked their territory. It’s time to choose sides. 

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