Modern Primitive

Modern Primitive

Samedi 7 septembre 2013

19h00 - Scène de l'Îlot Fleurie


Pays d'origine: Canada (Québec)

Admission: Pour la soirée 33$ au Exo et 36.50$ en ligne. Passeports 3 jours 40$ au Exo et 43.50$ en ligne

As much a result of lead singer and guitarist Joey Proteau's gorgeous vocal melodies as it is of the unsettling overall chemistry of the instrumentation, Modern Primitive's sound oscillates between trudging and intricate riffing and a deliberate pop sensibility. Exploring eras such as post-grunge, noise rock as well as new wave and punk music, Modern Primitive reaches their identity throughouta particular mix of significent genders and textures, animated by their love for art & music, D.I.Y culture and fulfillment. Having released two separate EP's all by themselves since their inception in late 2011, the band is poised for yet another release in early 2013 and looking to hit the road more extensively.

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